"Live From The Shadowsphere" New USA and Canada Tour Dates!

Posted Sep 22, 2010

Shadow is about to hit the road once again! We have just announced a slew of new tour dates. We will be traveling to Canada, and all over the USA, so make sure you buy a ticket for the show near your hometown! You will not want to miss the spectacular "Shadowsphere!"

Michael Fiebach, our General Manager here at will be joining the team on the road, and would love to meet all of you. Please drop by the merchandise table at any of the shows on the upcoming tour to say hi to Michael.

As always, go to to see the new dates. Also, be sure to go to the show page for the tour date you are attending, to let us know you are coming. You can add comments and photos from the show at each specific show page at as well. Thanks for all of the support, and we hope to see you at the shows!

And now there's a show for Montreal!!!

What???? No show for Montreal??? I'm so mad... Toronto then Boston... damn...

Are there any plans to come to St. Louis? He obliterated the Pageant in 2006. If not, then I'll make my way to Chicago, but we'd love to have him here again!

I am SUPER amped! But why can't I buy tix for the LA show yet????

the show in hotlanta gonna be doooope!!