The following is a list of DJ Shadow releases that have been bootlegged.
Original, legit copies were in print at some point, but are long out-of-print; therefore any copies currently for sale of these items are counterfeit unless designated as original, vintage or used.

  • "Best Of Mo Wax 12's: The DJ Shadow Collection"
  • "Brainfreeze" mix CD (out of print as of 2000)
  • "Camel Bobsled Race" mix CD (out of print as of approx. 1999)
  • "Diminishing Return" mix CD (out of print as of 2003)
  • "Lesson 4" vinyl (promo only in 1991)
  • "Product Placement" mix CD (out of print as of 2002)


In addition, all of Shadow's Mo' Wax era singles have been bootlegged on vinyl, including "Stem", "The Number Song"," "Midnight In A Perfect World", and "High Noon". All of these bootlegs appear in white sleeves with 4 blue "DJ Shadow" logos large in all four corners.

The following is a list of releases attributed to DJ Shadow, but either never existed in these formats or do not contain any DJ Shadow music whatsoever.

  • "Brainfreeze Breaks" vinyl
  • "Brainfreeze" vinyl
  • "Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats" CD
  • "Essential Mix"
  • "In the Mix-Live" vinyl
  • "Live at La Luna" CD
  • "Live at the ICA" CD
  • "Live in Austin" CD & Vinyl
  • "One Night In Bangkok" CD
  • "Product Placement Breaks" vinyl
  • "Product Placement" vinyl
  • "Quannum MC's- Live on British Radio" CD & vinyl
  • "Rare Tracks" CD & vinyl
  • "Slurped" vinyl
  • "Ultimate Lessons 1,2,3" CD & vinyl

As many of you are aware, this is an incomplete list. If you are concerned that you may have purchased a bootleg, or want to concretely identify your copies as real or fake, try submitting your queries to the Shadow forums at